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Goddard Space Flight Center Land Information System

LIS Documentation

A more complete library of LIS documentation for different versions of LIS can be found in the LIS section of the NASA Modeling Guru website. For all versions of LIS, two relevant documents are:

Please note that LIS 4 is no longer supported. LIS 5 will have limited support. All qualified users are encouraged to upgrade to LIS 6 Public.

The LIS source code may be released only to US government agencies or to entities with a US government contract/grant. Please see LIS Software Release Procedures for additional information.

LIS 6.2 Documentation

New Features in LIS6.2 Public:

  • Includes VIC 4.1.1.
  • Includes CABLE 1.4b --- restricted distribution.
  • Includes Catchment F2.5.
  • Includes Noah 3.3.
  • Includes SiB2.
  • Includes WRSI.
  • Support for North American Mesoscale Forecast System (NAM) "242 AWIPS Grid -- Over Alaska" product.
  • Support for USGS potential evapotranspiration (PET) data (for use in WRSI).
  • Support for Climate Prediction Center's (CPC) Rainfall Estimates version 2 (RFE2) daily precipition (for use in WRSI).
  • Support to apply lapse-rate correction to bottom temperature field (for use in Noah).

A more detailed list of subsequent updates and bug fixes is found in the Release Notes file that accompanies a software release (inside the source code).

LIS 6.1 Documentation

New Features in LIS6.1 Public:

  • Includes Noah 3.1.
  • Includes Noah 3.2.
  • Support for SPoRT Daily GVF data.
  • Support for North American Regional Reanalysis (3d) (NARR) data.
  • Support for NCEP's modified IGBP MODIS landcover data.
  • Support to specify direction for output variables.
  • Support for assimilation of ANSA snow depth products, MODIS snow-cover, and LPRM retrievals of AMSRE soil moisture.

A more detailed list of subsequent updates and bug fixes is found in the file "RELEASE_NOTES.txt" that accompanies a software release (inside the source code).

LIS 6.0 Documentation

New Features in LIS6.0 Public:

  • Requires ESMF 3.1.0rp3.
  • Modules have been restructured to streamline public and private interfaces.
  • Allows mosaicing of different forcings concurrently (e.g. GDAS global + NLDAS over CONUS + SALDAS over South America, etc.).
  • Allows multiple overlays of different supplemental forcings (e.g. GDAS overlaid with NLDAS, AGRMET, STAGEIV).
  • Allows concurrent instances of data assimilation.
  • Includes a highly configurable I/O interface (allows unit conversions, temporal averaging, model-independent support for binary, Grib1 and NETCDF).
  • New sources for data assimilation (using NASA and NESDIS retrievals of AMSRE soil moisture).
  • Support for real time GVF data from NESDIS and MODIS.
  • Upscaling by averaging algorithm.
  • Support for UTM map projection.
  • Support for computational halos.

A more detailed list of subsequent updates and bug fixes is found in the file "RELEASE_NOTES.txt" that accompanies a software release.

LIS 5.0 Documentation

Checking out Source Code

LIS source code is maintained in a Subversion Repository. You must have the Subversion client software, svn, installed on your computer in order to get, or "checkout", a copy of the LIS source code. Refer to the Subversion Checkout Instructions.

LIS Input Data

A number of sample input data are provided along with the LIS testcases on the LIS test cases page.

The high resolution parameter datasets, due to their large filesizes, are not provided for download. Please contact us if you would like to access sample LIS data at high resolutions such as 1km. Once the 1km sample datasets are downloaded, data at coarser resolutions can be generated using a number of helpful programs described in the LIS Data Processing Guide.

LIS Output Data

The LIS test cases page. provides sample output corresponding to each testcase.


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