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FEWSNET - Central Asia (LIS7)

FEWSNET - Central Asia simulations with Noah 3.6

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LIS Visualization Tool - LISATLAS

Model Domain: Central Asia (30-100°E, 21-56°N)
Model resolutions: 1 km
Land Surface Model: Noah 3.6
These simulations are restarted on Oct 1st of every year from a 10 year spinup for 1st Oct 2009 in which Snow Water Equivalent is corrected with MODIS observations.  
Snow Cover Fraction for Land Surface model NOAH36 & MODIS TERRA
(Click here to see latest MODIS TERRA Snow Cover from Global Imagery Browse Services (GIBS), NASA/GSFC/ESDIS,
NOAH36 Snow Cover Fraction


SWE 2017-2018 with climatology

Snow Water Equivalent (SWE) for 2 Water Years

Soil Moisture Percentiles for 2 Water Years

Surface Temperature and SWE anomalies (Based on 2001-2017 climatology)