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Goddard Space Flight Center Land Information System

Land Information System (LIS) is a software framework for high performance land surface modeling and data assimilation.

LIS is led by the Hydrological Sciences Laboratory
at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center.

LIS software tools are used to develop customized Land Data Assimilation Systems at NASA/GSFC, NOAA/NCEP, and AFWA.

LIS Software Suite and Toolkits

LIS Vision:

  • LIS is an interagency testbed for land surface modeling and data assimilation.
  • LIS allows customized land data assimilation systems to be built, assembled and reconfigured easily, using shared plugins and standard interfaces.
  • LIS enhances the productivity of land surface modelers by allowing them to focus on science rather than technical details.
  • LIS provides a portable, extensible, and flexible infrastructure for testing and transitioning the latest Earth science research into operations with interagency partners.
  • LIS is the land component for several Earth system models.
  • LIS is the software framework for the Land Data Assimilation System (LDAS) projects GLDAS and NLDAS developed within the Hydrological Sciences Laboratory at NASA Goddard. These two instances of LIS are forced, respectively, by the NLDAS and GLDAS archives of surface meteorological fields.

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A new LIS webpage will be released and will replace the current LIS website by the end of Summer of 2015.


Date Last Modified: 05/27/15