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LIS and LDAS-related presentations at the Fall 2019 AGU Meeting


Mon 09 Dec

Santanello, 08:00-12:20, Moscone South - Poster Hall
A11T-2834: PBL Thermodynamic Profile Assimilation and Impacts on Land-Atmosphere Coupling

Huang, 08:00-12:20, Moscone South - Poster Hall
A11O-2863: Convective transport of water vapor and air pollutants in the southeastern US: a multiscale modeling study including soil moisture and multispecies chemical data assimilation

Nie, 08:30-08:45, Moscone West - 2005, L2
GC11B-03: Irrigation water use sensitivity to drought and heat across the Contiguous United States: a modeling study

Cho, 13:40-18:00, Moscone South - Poster Hall
H13K-1862: Quantifying Impacts of Subsurface Drainage Expansion on Regional Hydrologic Response in the Red River of the North Basin

Wood, 16:15-16:30, Moscone West - 2018, L2
IN14A-02: Applications of emerging technologies in climate downscaling and hydrologic modeling for water resources monitoring, planning and management

Pei, 17:15-17:30, Moscone West - 3022, L3
H14E-06: On establishing the U.S. weekly drought prediction system based on empirical and dynamic modeling framework


Tue 10 Dec

Huang, 08:00-12:20, Moscone South - Poster Hall
GH21B-1206: Evaluating the impact of urban and shipping emissions on aerosol pollution, vegetation photosynthesis and transpiration: a satellite-constrained modeling study with policy implications

Hazra, 08:30-08:45, Moscone West - 2007, L2
GC21B-03: Advancing NASA’s seasonal hydrologic forecasting system for improved food insecurity warning in Africa

Lawston, 08:45-09:00, Moscone West - 2007, L2
GC21B-04: Utilizing NASA Satellite Data for Improved Monitoring and Modeling of Irrigation

Sarmiento, 13:40-18:00, Moscone South - Poster Hall
GC23H-1441: Characterizing Soil Moisture Sensitivity to IMERG and CHIRPS Rainfall Products in the Global FLDAS Product

Yoon, 13:40-18:00, Moscone South - Poster Hall
C23C-1558: Quantifying the influence of vegetation and albedo changes on High Mountain Asia hydrology

Zhou, 13:40-18:00, Moscone South - Poster Hall
A23U-3022: Developing a drought monitoring and sub-seasonal to seasonal forecast system for South Asia

Forman, Moscone South - eLightning Theater III
IN23C-12: A Synthetic Comparison of Observation Constellation Configurations with the Goal of Global Snow Mass Characterization

Kim, Moscone South - eLightning Theater III
IN23C-15: Evaluation of snow observation data using an observing system simulation experiment (OSSE) framework


Wed 11 Dec

Zhang, 08:00-08:15, Moscone West - 3016, L3
H31F-01: Improving prediction of extreme reservoir inflow by enhancing the estimation of loss coefficients in HEC-HMS using Satellite-based Soil Moisture Products

Rahman, 08:00-12:20, Moscone South - Poster Hall
H31J-1842: Assimilation of MODIS and GLASS Leaf Area Index in a Land Data Assimilation System at the Global Scale

Wang, 08:00-12:20, Moscone South - Poster Hall
H31J-1843: Towards a Multi-Variate, Multi-Sensor Assimilation Framework over Snow-Covered Terrain in Western Colorado

Kwon, 08:00-12:20, Moscone South - Poster Hall
H31J-1846: Pitfalls and perils of machine learning-based passive microwave brightness temperature data assimilation over terrestrial snow in High Mountain Asia

Kumar, 08:00-12:20, Moscone South - Poster Hall
H31J-1849: Impacts of improving the observability of land surface model soil moisture estimates on data assimilation performance

Slinski, 08:45-09:00, Moscone West - 3016, L3
H31F-04: Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) Applications for Rangeland Famine Early Warning Systems

Rodell, 09:45-10:00, Moscone West - 3016, L3
H31F-08: Application of GRACE-FO Data Assimilation for Monitoring and Forecasting Wetness Conditions and Drought

Al-Hamdan, 11:35-11:50, Moscone West - 3016, L3
H32F-06: Monitoring Seasonal Water Quality for Southeastern U.S. Watersheds Using Remotely-Sensed Data Integrated into Dynamic SPARROW Model

Zamora, 13:40-18:00, Moscone South - Poster Hall
H33P-2241: Contribution of Meteorological Downscaling to Skill and Precision of Seasonal Hydrological Forecasts: Studies of Notable U.S. Drought Events

White, 15:25-15:40, Moscone West - 2018, L2
GC33A-08: Using Deep Learning to Predict Yearly Wildfire Potential from Antecedent Land Surface and Meteorological Data

Getirana, 16:45-17:00, Moscone West - 3016, L3
H34E-04: Water dynamics of large controlled lakes in a global flood model: the case of Lake Victoria

Smith, 17:35-17:40, Moscone West - 2010, L2
PA34A-20: Using NASA Remotely-Sensed Data in a Dynamic SPARROW Water Quality Modeling and Decision Support System for the Southeastern United States


Thu 12 Dec

Kim, 08:00-12:20, Moscone South - Poster Hall
H41P-1932: Assimilation of GPS soil moisture data from CYGNSS into land surface models

McNally, 10:20-10:30, Moscone West - 2007, L2
GC42C-01: Hydrologic Monitoring in Afghanistan to Support Food and Water Security Decision Making (Invited)

Tangdamrongsub, 13:40-18:00, Moscone South - Poster Hall
H43M-2226: Assessing the performance of GRACE and GRACE-FO data assimilation on regional water balance component estimates

Vuyovich, 14:55-15:10, Moscone West - 2006, L2
C43C-06: Snow Ensemble Uncertainty Project (SEUP): Exploring Variability and Uncertainty in Modeled SWE Estimates Using an Ensemble-based Approach (Invited)

Fang, 16:15-16:30, Moscone West - 3018, L3
H44G-02: SMAP radiometer soil moisture downscaling at global scale

Shellito, 16:30-16:45, Moscone West - 3018, L3
H44G-03 - Evaluating the sensitivity of modeled surface soil moisture and microwave brightness temperature to soil profile layering schemes


Fri 13 Dec

Hosseini, 08:00-12:20, Moscone South - Poster Hall
B51H-2343 - Understanding the Impact of Vegetation Dynamic in the Noah-MP Land Surface Model over C3/C4 Grasslands

Xue, 08:00-12:20, Moscone South - Poster Hall
C51B-1268: Evaluation of runoff simulations from Noah-MP land surface models across High Mountain Asia from 2002 to 2010

Mishra, 08:00-12:20, Moscone South - Poster Hall
C51B-1270: Grand Challenges of Hydrologic Modelling for Water Resource Management in High Mountain Asia

Tavakoly, 13:40-18:00, Moscone South - Poster Hall
H53K-1927: An Integrated Hydrologic Modeling Framework:Case Study, the Ethiopian Grand Renaissance Dam (GERD)

Ferguson, 16:15-16:30, Moscone West - 3024, L3
H54G-02: SMAP’s added value to Great Plains low-level jet forecasts explained through local-to-mesoscale land-atmosphere interactions


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Thursday, December 5, 2019