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LIS software releases

The full suite of LIS software is now available on GitHub: GitHub LIS Framework Page

For more information, please see our latest public release.

To learn how to download the latest LIS code repository via our GitHub page, please review the following documentation on getting familiar with GitHub and accessing LIS from there: Click here for more info!

Please see the Releases page both for a summary of improvements in the most recent versions and to download the code, which is subject to agreeing to the NASA Open Source Agreement (NOSA).

You can also simply download the LISF code suite as a tarball file by clicking on the green "Clone or download" button on our main GitHub page.

Want to receive the latest in breaking news and other important announcements about LIS?  Please join the LIS mailing list. (No worries, it's low volume.)

The last available public release of LIS is version 7.4.3 or 'LIS 7.4.3' (released on 4 October 2023).

Releases of LIS prior to version 7.1rp1 are released as U.S. government-purpose only. These releases of the LIS software are subject to NASA legal review and require that users sign a Software Usage Agreement (SUA). The point of contact for discussing and processing requests for the older LIS software is Sujay Kumar.

Please also note that LIS 4 and LIS 5 are no longer supported, and LIS 6 has limited support.

Please note that, due to U.S. federal law, we are not allowed to respond to anyone from a designated country.
As a professional courtesy, please contact us using either your institutional or organizational email address. Please do not use, for example, your Gmail address.