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LISF Discussions and Group Forum Webpage

With the migration to GitHub, the LIS team has now set up a GitHub-based LISF Community Discussions page, which provides a more common place for the LIS user community to post questions, issues, bug fixes, and much more! Check out the new LIS user community forum:


Documentation and User Guides

Please go to the LIS documentation page where you will find links to the LDT, LIS, and LVT user guides, as well as other helpful documentation.
To learn how to download the latest LIS code via our GitHub page, please review the following documentation on getting familiar with GitHub and accessing LIS from there: Click here for more info!

LIS Test cases

The LIS test cases provide a suite of cases involving LDT, LIS, and LVT that build off each case given. These test cases work with our latest LIS code available our LISF GitHub page.

LIS Input Data

A number of sample input data are provided along with the LIS testcases on the test cases webpage.
Additional information and datasets are available via the LIS Data Portal.

LIS Mailing List

Want to receive the latest in breaking news and other important announcements about LIS?  Please join the LIS mailing list.