LIS Documentation

LIS and the toolkits, LDT and LVT, are released with an array of documents to help support the use, development, and learning of each software. 
For the latest documentation for the LIS code, please visit our LISF LIS documentation page.
For any previous LIS 7 public releases, you can quickly find the relevant documentation at the links below:
LIS 7.0 Tutorial (24 July 2014)
A more complete library of LIS documentation for different versions of LIS can be found in the LIS section of the NASA Modeling Guru website.  The archive of documents found on our Modeling Guru website go back as early as LIS version 5.0 and are located here.  Some additional information can also be found at our LIS FAQ webpage.
* Please note that versions prior to LIS 6 are no longer supported, and versions of LIS 6 will have limited support. All qualified users are encouraged to upgrade to the latest version of LIS.