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LIS-derived Binary Datasets

Model Parameters Processed by the LIS Team ("LIS")

  • Previously, the LIS team had processed different parameters required by the models in LIS to a standard binary format of:

    • 4-byte real, big-endian, direct access

    which became much of a required standard for running all LIS versions up through 6.2. Those files all have the extension: *.1gd4r
    The "g" indicates "gridded", "d" = "direct-access", "4" = "4-byte", and "r" = "real".

  • With LDT, the LIS community now has a more sophisticated software tool with which they can process their own model parameters to different resolutions, domains, and projections.

  • Future versions of LDT will move toward ONLY reading in the "Native" parameters and remove dependence upon these older LIS-team derived parameters.

  • These original binary-formatted files can be read in by LDT to support backward-compatibility, if some users still rely on such datasets