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LIS Testcases

A new set of LIS test cases available below
The new LIS framework (LISF) set of public testcases work with the latest GitHub-based LIS code and include a full end-to-end suite of LDT, LIS, and LVT cases that build off each other with several different steps, which are outlined in the table below. The suite of testcases include generating model parameter and assimilation-based input files using LDT, running the Noah land surface model (LSM) for a sample "open-loop" (or baseline) experiment and a data assimilation (DA) experiment using LIS, and then comparing output from the sample experiments using LVT.  Please note: These cases and files are provided for users to learn how to run and test the LISF code, however, the files provided could be expanded to support research type runs.
  Description Files Documentation
Step 1  LDT -- LSM parameter processing example Link Overview
Step 2  LIS -- LSM "open-loop" (OL) experiment example Link Overview
Step 3  LDT -- Ensemble restart file generation example Link Overview
Step 4  LDT -- Generate LSM OL CDF-based files example Link Overview
Step 5  LDT -- Generate observations CDF-based files example Link Overview
Step 6  LIS -- LSM data assimilation (DA) experiment example Link Overview
Step 7  LVT -- Comparison of OL and DA comparison example Link Overview
Please also find here a list of the compiler and libraries used in helping to setup and generate the above testcase files:  Click here
* Note:  Testcases above were developed with LISF GitHub commit ID:  fd5810a6458192138e20357a91ca82c79ed68d10  (from Dec 21, 2020)