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Land Information System (LIS) code development now hosted at GitHub

The Land Information System (LIS) software framework is now hosted at and distributed from GitHub. The GitHub management of the code replaces the Subversion code management and the tarball distribution of the code from the LIS website.
The code available at GitHub is a developmental version, and there currently is no formal release of a new LIS version. The latest official version is LIS public version 7.2r. We expect to have a new LIS version (with a formal release announcement) available in the coming weeks.
New users of LIS and science researchers are encouraged to migrate their code to the latest developmental code available from GitHub. We also welcome code contributed from the community to extend LIS features. Instructions on how to work with GitHub for contributing code are found in a “docs” sub-directory as outlined below.
Operational users of LIS should consider waiting until the next LIS version is released. The announcement of this version will also be made to the mailing list as well as on the LIS website.
Customized capabilities specific to the U.S. Air Force and their customers will be included in a separate restricted-access LIS code release later on this year. These LIS users are encouraged to wait until the release of this code, which will be delivered through formal channels.
A full list of new features and capabilities will be distributed with the announcement of the next LIS release version.
Some of the changes associated with moving to GitHub include:
  1. Location of the code:
  2. LIS, LDT, and LVT code are all delivered from a single location
  3. A “docs” sub-directory that includes:
    1. a Users’ Guide,
    2. instructions on how to work with GitHub when doing LIS code development, and
    3. instructions on how to prepare a testcase (used for when committing a new feature or bug fix)
  4. A single “end-to-end” testcase with instructions and datasets specific to the code from GitHub is available at:
Questions about compiling and running the LIS code from GitHub should continue to be posted at the LIS Modeling Guru community page:
Note that we are in the process of updating the LDT, LIS, and LVT Users' Guides as well as the build instructions for the upcoming public release.
Please post any further questions about this release to the Modeling Guru page as well.