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LIS Public Release 6.0

Land Information System (LIS) Public Release 6.0rp8 (r2899:2966)

  • Bug fix: retnldas2a was deallocating some variables twice.
  • Also, this commit contains some ProTeX updates.

Land Information System (LIS) Public Release 6.0rp7 (r2702:2898)

  • This is a back port of bug fixes from 6/public6.1 to 6/public6.0. It incorporates updates up to r2895.

    These updates consist of:

    • Fixes for compiling on IBM AIX.

    • Fixes for compiling with gfortran.

    • Fixes for compiling with Lahey.

    • Fix for dlon/dlat issue. This only affects non-square lat/lon grid-cells. For the lat/lon projection:

      griddesc(9) is dlon
      griddesc(10) is dlat
    • Fix for diagnosing Catchment snowdepth.

Land Information System (LIS) Public Release 6.0rp6 (r2593:2701)

  • I manually merged NLDAS2 updates from 6/development into 6/public.

  • I corrected the use of griddesc(9) and griddesc(10) for lat/lon projections.

    griddesc(9) specifies dlon.
    griddesc(10) specifies dlat.

    These array elements were incorrectly set in getgeos. I also reset the value of mi after the GEOS4 and GEOS5 grid changes in getgeos.

    These array elements were incorrecly used in gdasLSWG_forcingMod.F90.

    These array elements were incorrecly used in compute_grid_coord_latlon.F90.

  • In-line documentation corrections.

  • I added Clay Blankenship's bug-fix regarding setting dlon in get_fieldpos.

  • I replaced the use of a hard-coded unit number with the use of LIS_getNextUnitNumber and LIS_releaseUnitNumber.

  • The transition to the T574 grid occurred on 12z28jul2010.

Land Information System (LIS) Public Release 6.0rp5 (r2554:2592)

  • I corrected a bug regarding writing GRIB output on a Mercator project.

Land Information System (LIS) Public Release 6.0rp4 (r2491:2553)

  • Bug fix.

    The transition to the T574 grid occurred on 12z28jul2010.

  • I corrected in-line documentation.

  • Bug fix.

    LIS incorrectly specified the T574 grid change to be on 12z27July2010. The T574 grid change occurs on 12z28July2010.

Land Information System (LIS) Public Release 6.0rp3 (r2408:2489)

  • Added a check to trap when czenith (cosine of zenith angle) becomes larger than 1.
  • Redeclared several indices to be integer*8 to prevent overflows when running at high resolution.
  • Updates and bug fixes to NASA AMSRE soil moisture reader for data assimilation Consolidated HDF and binary versions of NASA AMSRE
  • Switched to using V06 of NASA L3 retrievals
  • Updates to several testcases.
  • Jon Case's T574 GDAS and GFS forcing updates.
  • Tools for generating ensemble restarts (upscale and downscale)
  • Bug Fix: The GRIB module was not correctly setting the time-stamp for years before 2000. This update fixes this problem.
  • Some changes to CLM2 to remove some hardcodes
  • Bug fix: I am adding Hiroko Kato Beaudoing's Princeton forcing update. This fixes a bug regarding interpolating the Princeton forcing data.

Land Information System (LIS) Public Release 6.0rp2 (r2397:2406)

  • Bug fix. I corrected an error regarding writing output with nested domains.

Land Information System (LIS) Public Release 6.0rp1 (r2255:2396)

  • Corrected the indexing into varname when LIS_FORC_Forc_Hgt has been selected.

    Commented out an "if (.false.)" block to facilitate compiling with Absoft.

  • Eric Kemp's bug fix regarding an overflow error when reading landcover data at 2km resolution.

  • Bug fix. Corrected the intent of a variable in suppforcing/nldas2/retnldas2a.F90.

  • Added support to run makdep on .f90 files.

  • I merged the Noah forcing height updates from 6/development to 6/public.

  • I merge some NASA_AMSRE updates from 6/development.

  • Added a new rule to the Makefile.

  • changes to the code to support the use of bottom soil temperature as the WRF input in the ESMF coupled version

  • updated GFS baseforcing implementation

  • Protex updates.

    I have added files named 0Intro_*.txt. This are Protex files that serve as introductions to various sections of the Reference Manual.

  • LIS6-WRF3.1.1 tight coupling updates.

  • Bug fix for GRIB testcase.

  • Bug fix. lwd was not properly set in time_interp_gdas.

    Fix to ensure LIS output contains forcing variables when run coupled to WRF

  • changed the I/O interfaces to be more flexible.

    The forcing_variables.txt file and the MODEL_OUTPUT_LIST.TBL files need to contain only variables of interest (they do not need to contain the exhaustive list of variables)

  • Bug fixes to GDAS for properly treating instantaneous and time averaged fields

  • I have added Hiroko Kato Beaudoing's catchment update.

    Her update is "a minor bug fix for LIS6/catchment output variables. Units fixes from W/m2 to kg/m2/s for canopy evaporation and transpiration. Also, "runoff" which is a total of surface and subsurface runoff was output as surface runoff, so it's changed to "runsrf"."

  • This is the first pass at cleaning up the output support.

    It creates an array of pointers to the output variables. This replaces much of the code, needed to explicitly list the output variables, with do loops. This makes it easier to add new output variables to LIS.

    TODO: NetCDF support still needs some more clean up.

  • added a bug fix so that open unit numbers are properly closed even when errors are encountered in the file I/O

  • added a bug fix for the monthly alarm settings (when day 15 is selected as the starting time of the LIS simulations, the monthly alarms do not ring)

  • added Xice to the forcing_variables.txt file.

  • added lat/lon fields to the netcdf output

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