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LISF Public Release 7.3.1

Source code


This release includes commits 7bf6ab9e27937eeb4d41c70fb9949a9c17b98450 through 0b747e6e63c443ee2f1ab4b2ee4a3e8d81c3f89b on branch support/lisf-public-7.3.

Download: LISF_public_release_7.3.1


LDT Users' Guide: pdf
LIS Users' Guide: pdf
LVT Users' Guide: pdf


Release Notes


  • Update LDT documentation to reflect all run modes


  • Call LIS_lsm_DAmapTileSpaceToObsSpace instead of LIS_mapTileSpaceToObsSpace

    The routine LIS_mapTileSpaceToObsSpace was broken into LIS_surfaceModel_DAmapTileSpaceToObsSpace, LIS_lsm_DAmapTileSpaceToObsSpace, and LIS_routing_DAmapTileSpaceToObsSpace.

    The code in jules5x_map_snodep.F90 and jules5x_map_usafsi.F90 was calling the old routine, which leads to a compile-time error.

  • Correct typo of HYMAP2 option in lis.config.adoc
  • Refine JULES-5.0 snow DA checks against attrib file maximums

    This commit refines JULES-5.0 snow DA checks as recommended by @yyoon, @yhkwon81, and @emkemp on the comments to this pull request.

    Instead of hard-coding a value above which snow DA is not performed, the maximum values in the attribs file are used.

    Also, consistency checks between the SWE and snow depth after snow DA against the maximums are performed, using the snow density.

    The recommended JULES-5.0 SWE and snow depth maximums are lowered to their previous values, and now are consistent with the numbers used by Noah-3.9 and Noah-MP-4.0.1 LSMs.

    (cherry picked from commit b2f7a10)

  • Change JULES-5.0 snow DA state variable quality control

    This pull request includes changes to code that quality controls JULES-5.0 state variables for snow DA for the SNODEP and USAFSI products. These changes include:

    Turn off snow DA when snow depths are very high

    Use snow density from the JULES-5.0 state variable

    Check snow density against JULES-prescribed maximum/minimum

    Only check SWE and snow depth maximum when doing an update

    Increase the recommended SWE and snow depth maximum values

    in the attributes file

    (cherry picked from commit b97424e)

  • Fix HYMAP2 2-way coupling in parallel mode

    HYMAP2 2-way coupling was not working properly when run in parallel. This fix adds dummy subroutines to the land-surface models which allow the 2-way coupling options to work properly. A more robust fix might be added in the future.

    Resolves: #605


  • Commented out LVT_statsEntry fields in LVT_stats object.

    Newer versions of GFORTRAN will hang and often fail in lvt/core/LVT_statsDataMod.F90, due to an acknowledged compiler bug. This avoids the compiler bug by commenting out all LVT_statsEntry fields in the LVT_stats object.

    It turns out that these fields are not actually used by LVT -- the LVT_statsEntry objects used instead are separately created and organized as a linked ist. Commenting out these fields does not change the runtime behavior of LVT, and allows compilation with GFORTRAN.

  • Added restart capability for PSS, PODY, and PODN.
  • Fixed bug in writing RMSE STDEV counts to output.
  • Fix LVT Max and Min metric time series output

    This pull request fixes time series output for the Max (maximum) and Min (minimum) metrics from LVT.

    The MEAN metrics code was cleaned-up as well, but the output for this metric will not change at all.

    A testcase is coming soon.

    Resolves: #705

  • Correct SAC SWE units


  • Support compiling LISF without HDF-EOS2

    Several data assimilation obs readers require HDF-EOS2 support, but they were checking for HDF4. Thus if you disabled HDF-EOS2 at configure-time with

    "Use HDFEOS? (1-yes, 0-no, default=1): 0"

    then these routines would fail to compile.

Release Date