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LIS Public Release 7.1rp2

Land Information System (LIS) Public Release 7.1rp2 (r6396:6456)

Version: LIS_public_release_7.1rp2
Release date: 25 Feb 2016

The Land Information System Framework (LISF) is released under the terms and conditions of the NASA Open Source Agreement (NOSA) Version 1.3. To download and/or use the LISF software you must agree to the LISF NOSA.

In order to receive breaking news and other important announcements, all users of LIS are encouraged to join the LIS mailing list. (No worries, it's low volume.)

Source Code

Change log

This patch release includes updates r6396:6456.

These updates consist of:

  • Open the "Diagnostic output file:" at the top of LIS_readConfig

  • Add Hiroko Beaudoing's GDAS reader fix

    Grid size for GDAS T170 resolution is currently at 0.7025 degree in get_gdas.F90. They should be:

    gridDesci(8) = -0.703125
    gridDesci(9) = 0.703125
  • Add Hiroko Beaudoing's Princeton reader fix

    There was a mix up in the forcing index in Princeton data reader. It’s interpolating pressure field with the conserve routine instead of precip.

  • Made first set of corrections to the LDT-generated metforcing reader ("metForcGenerated"), which includes:

    1. A fix for now to include forcing timesteps at a day or greater;
    2. corrected the naming of "sum" to "acc" statistic for the time interpolation routine.

    More updates coming but this fixes some current issues with this reader for now.

  • Manually copy GPM/IMERG precipitation reader from 7/devlopment into 7/public7.1

  • Manually copy UCSB CHIRPS v2.0 metforcing reader from 7/devlopment into 7/public7.1

  • Correction for running LIS serially (without MPI)

  • Update RELEASE_NOTES for LIS 7.1rp1 public release

Release Date