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LIS Public Release 7.1rp3

Land Information System (LIS) Public Release 7.1rp3 (r6457:6485)

Version: LIS_public_release_7.1rp3
Release date: 08 Mar 2016

The Land Information System Framework (LISF) is released under the terms and conditions of the NASA Open Source Agreement (NOSA) Version 1.3. To download and/or use the LISF software you must agree to the LISF NOSA.

In order to receive breaking news and other important announcements, all users of LIS are encouraged to join the LIS mailing list. (No worries, it's low volume.)

Source Code

LIS change log

This patch release includes updates r6457:6485.

These updates consist of:

  • Moved the LIS grid-mapping routine for being able to subset select datasets (depending on data format) to the core directory.

  • Correct the way ESMF and MPI is initialized

    LIS was calling ESMF_VMGet to determine whether it had a valid virtual machine. However, calling ESMF_VMGet before calling ESMF_Initialize leads to a crash on some systems.

    I corrected the logic used to initialize ESMF and MPI.

  • Remove the "if LIS_masterproc" checks from several of the write statements

  • Remove check for USGS PET directory

    Fortran does not specify how the inquire statement should work with directories.

  • Correct noah%rainf in noah271_f2t

    When forcing snowfall is selected (LIS_FORC_Snowf%selectOpt == 1) snowfall (snowf) should be added to noah%rainf. However, pcp+snowf was added to noah%rainf.

  • Implemented LIS endrun call when a USGS PET directory or file are missing or are incorrect.

  • Correct description strings for Rainf and TotalPrecip

  • Fix the pcp metforcing field

    The diagnoseForcingOutput routine was adding snow to the pcp field (pcp = pcp + snow) whenever LIS_FORC_Snowf%selectOpt was 1. This is not correct. The intention was to create total precip for output; however, this updated the actual precip forcing field.

    I have created a local variable, totpcp, for creating a total precip field for output.

  • Update RELEASE_NOTES for LIS 7.1rp2 public release

Release Date