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LISF Public Release 7.3.4


Source code

This release includes commits 65e0af59d98288f000a90db4b4aaf879343fac05 committed on 8 Mar 2022 through 03eac85c5a97be6fa4e444200d57970529126906 committed on 27 May 2022 on branch support/lisf-public-7.3 as reported by:

git log 'support/lisf-public-7.3' '^v7.3.3-public'


Download: LISF_public_release_7.3.4
sha256sum: 4b1d158002b1bb4f9dfe230fb355e261ad9052e7ba921a2b8d23bc093f1463e8

LDT Users' Guide: pdf (no updates since LISF Public 7.3.2)

LIS Users' Guide: pdf

LVT Users' Guide: pdf (no updates since LISF Public 7.3.2)

Release notes (full list)

LDT Release notes

  • Fixed issue in readinput_latlon.

LIS Release notes

  • Fixed Mosaic LSM nest crash
  • Fixed use of input LAI for Noah-MP-4.0.1 vegetation options
  • Fixed negative runoff in HyMAP2 when run in 2way coupling.
  • Corrected LSM_finalize routines.

LVT Release notes

  • No updates since LISF Public 7.3.2.

Release Date