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LISF Public Release 7.3.2


Source code

This release includes commits 0bfac430abb28a7983f68abd990d4ef64efe69dd committed on 2 Aug 2019 through 68dcfbce77fa190a07967a142d1598e81d069e3f committed on 6 Dec 2021 on branch support/lisf-public-7.3 as reported by:

git log 'support/lisf-public-7.3' '^v7.3.1-public'


Download: LISF_public_release_7.3.2

LDT Users' Guide: pdf

LIS Users' Guide: pdf

LVT Users' Guide: pdf

Release notes (full list)

LDT Release notes

  • Update LDT Users' Guide

  • Add support for GNU 11.1.0 compilers

  • Fix for global domain HYMAP parameter setup where a boundary box of missing does not need to be inserted in LDT

  • Fix 0.25 deg GRACE reader

LIS Release notes

  • Update LIS Users' Guide

  • Fix compile-time failure in GEFS metforcing reader when ecCodes disabled

  • Add support for GNU 11.1.0 compilers

  • Disable broken MODIS real-time LAI reader

  • Fix GRACE DA for NoahMP.3.6

  • Add Noah-MP precipitation timestep fix for cases where LIS dt is greater than forcing dt

LVT Release notes

  • Update LVT Users' Guide

  • Add support for GNU 11.1.0 compilers

Release Date