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LIS Public Release 6.2

Land Information System (LIS) Public Release 6.2rp1 (r4421:4606)

This patch release includes updates r4421:4606.

These updates consist of:

  • Merge 6/development into 6/public6.2

    I merged r4604:4605 from 6/development to 6/public6.2

    These updates consist of:

    • Update arch/configure.lis.linux_ifc because JasPer library was moved
  • Merge 6/development into 6/public6.2

    I merged r4581:4603 from 6/development to 6/public6.2

    These updates consist of:

    • Update RELEASE_NOTES.txt for LIS 6.1rp7
  • Merge 6/development into 6/public6.2

    I merged r4566:4580 from 6/development to 6/public6.2

    These updates consist of:

    • Merge 6/public6.1 into 6/development

      I merged r4431:4579 from 6/public6.1 to 6/development.

      These updates consist of:

      • ProTeX updates

      • Merge NU-WRF updates into 6/public6.1

        I manually merged commits r1412:1720 from the trunk of the NU-WRF repository on progress, svn/nu-wrf/code/trunk, into LIS' 6/public6.1 branch.

        Please note that even though some of these updates are for gfortran support, gfortran is not yet supported in the public release of LIS 6. These particular updates are included for completeness.

        These updates consist of:

        • Merged in updates from v6_macosx branch through r1716.

          • Replaced several pause statements in LIS code. Pause will cause LIS or WRF/LIS to hang indefinitely if executed in batch mode.
          • Changed several C files and a yacc file to #include stdlib.h instead of malloc.h. (malloc.h is non-standard and doesn't exist on OS X.)
          • Changed LIS and LVT Makefiles to greatly trim number of include paths. OpenMPI mpif90 barfed with the original list, but it turns out most paths are unnecessary.
          • Changed LIS C function mangling for gfortran so only single underscore is appended.
          • Changed LIS lib Makefiles to pass optimization flags for gfortran. Also, changed LIS_ARCH from Darwin_intel to Darwin_gfortran.
          • Tweaked ProTex comments to trim end spaces to appease gfortran.
        • Modified Fortran code to avoid use of system function to create directories.

        • Calls to 'system' fail when LIS is run with SGI MPT. Now uses customized C function that uses the POSIX mkdir function under the hood. C code includes macro to appropriately mangle the name for linking with Fortran.

        • Added new create_subdirs function to create directories.

          This is a replacement for invoking the operating system 'mkdir' command via function system. The system call fails when LIS or WRF/LIS are compiled with SGI MPT. This new C function calls the POSIX mkdir function instead.

          TODO: Handle name suffix conventions across different operating systems.

  • Merge 6/development into 6/public6.2

    I merged r4432:4563 from 6/development to 6/public6.2

    These updates consist of:

    • Add Yuqiong Liu's ANSA SCF DI updates

      The following modifications are made to LIS6.2 to enable assimilation of snow cover fraction data using direct insertion:

      • added the observation plugin for assimilating ANSA SCF


      • modified the following file to allow assimilating SCF uisng either the standard (Rodell & House 2004 JHM) or customized (Liu et al 2013 AWR) direct insertion approaches:


      • modified the following file in Noah3.2 to save snow density value for use in assimilation

      • modified the following files in the plugins directory to allow ANSA SCF assimilation for Noah.3.2

      • modified the follwoing files to allow reading in parameters for assimilating SCF using direction insertion

      • modified Filepath to reflect new ANSA SCF observation plugin

      • remove the observation plugin for assimilating ANSA SCA. The new ANSA SCF is more accurate.

    • Add "#NETCDF, no HDF, GRIBAPI" flags to arch/configure.lis.linux_ifc

    • Correcting the latitude of origin value for NARR forcing.

      The correct values for the NARR grid can be found here:

    • Remove debugging code from Noah 3.3 read/write restart routines

    • Update length of file name

    • Add Eric Kemp's deep soil temperature TMN updates to Noah 3.3.

    • Bug fix: correct logic regarding evaluating certain conditional statements

      Fortran (nor C) does not guarantee the order in which expressions in a conditional statement will be executed. In a statement like:

      if ( X .and. Y ) then ...

      One does not know whether X will be evaluated first or Y. This will be a problem when Y depends on X. For example,:

      if ( present(X) .and. (X .eqv. .true.) ) then ...

      (X .eqv. .true.) may be evaluated first, but if X is not present, then X has no value, resulting in either a crash or undefined behavior.

      This example should be written as:

      if ( present(X) ) then
         if ( X .eqv. .true. ) then ...
  • Merge 6/development into 6/public6.2

    I merged r4419:4431 from 6/development to 6/public6.2

    These updates consist of:

    • Bug fix: WRFout reader should read RAINNC+RAINC when RAINC is present, otherwise just RAINNC

    • Add Eric Kemp's deep soil temperature TMN updates to Noah 2.7.1 and Noah 3.1

    • Add check to determine whether LIS_rc%tbot_update_lag was enabled

    • Merge NU-WRF updates into 6/public6.1

      I manually merged commit r1411 from the trunk of the NU-WRF repository on progress, svn/nu-wrf/code/trunk, into LIS' 6/public6.1 branch.

      These updates consist of:

      • Merged in v6_lisplugins branch

      • Bug fix: Moved call to LIS_createTmnUpdate after LIS_domain_init.

        This fixes a bug in coupled WRF-LIS where the TmnUpdate pointer is allocated before the number of tiles is set by LIS. It does not affect uncoupled LIS.

      • Bug fixes to reading dynamic deep soil temperature data from LIS restart file.

      • Added bug fixes to output tempbot for earlier Noah LSM versions when requested.

      • Bug fix. Now allows LIS to write tempbot to history file when requested.

      • Bug fixes to dynamic deep soil temperature option.

      • Added soil temperature adjustment module. Fixes to restart code.

      • Initial implementation of WRF deep soil temperature adjustments in WRF.

        Option #1 adjusts climatological deep soil temperature to model terrain height using standard atmospheric lapse rate (6.5 K / km). Always used in REAL.

        Option #2 parameterizes the deep soil temperature as the weighted average of (a) the annual mean skin temperature from the previous calendar year, and (b) the mean daily skin temperature from the most recent N days of the simulation, where N is set by the user (140 days is recommended). The equation is from Salathe et al, J. Climate, 2008:

        Tbot = alpha*mean_annual_skinT_prev_year +

        where alpha is 0.6. These values of alpha and N are tuned to published observed values of 30% amplitude damping and 70-day lag from skin temperature (per Salathe paper).

        Time series and sums are saved to update these terms at the end of each day (right term) or at the end of the year (left term). I added code to write and read these fields to/from LIS restart files. Note that if LIS is cold started, the climatological deep soil temperature is initially used for both terms and for the N-sized daily time series.


        • This code compiles but is not test run yet.
        • Only supports Noah 3.2 LSM.
        • Should support either LIS retrospective or WRF/LIS mode.
      • Cherry-pick r4123 from LIS 6/development branch

      • Bug fix regarding interpolating precip for WRFout forcing reader

        WRF writes precipitation accumlated from the beginning of the simulation. Therefore compute the difference between the bookends to find the accumulated precipitation for the hour.

      • Changed code for setting wrfout file names.

        First version of this code was hardwired for original IFLOODS configuration, where some wrfout files were created 9 or 18 seconds past the hours. This is now changed to remove "special rules" and instead just look for files at the expected standard times (e.g., 60 minutes at top of the hour for WRF).

        Users with time steps that prevent wrfout writes at those exact time should create symbolic links to match the date/time filenames expected by LIS.

      • Modified time steps in LIS LSM options to pick correct domain value.

        Note that time step logic for writing history or restart files is undisturbed.

      • Several bug fixes to address WRF/LIS coupling with nests.

        1. CRITICAL Changed LIS Noah.3.2 LSM to use proper domain timestep rather than the smallest of the timesteps for all domains.

        2. TMN (Deep soil temperature) is now passed from WRF to LIS. Requires following entry to forcing_variables.txt:

          TMN:        1  1  K       # Soil Temperature at Lower Boundary

          Further work is needed on this, as the TMN used in a LIS spin-up is not necessarily the same as that provided by REAL.

        3. Minor bug fix to cosz (cosine of zenith angle) calculation input to LIS. Currently cosz is not used, but it is passed to the LIS Noah LSM and presumably will be used in the future.

      • Merge LIS 6.1 updates (r4067:4090) into NU-WRF

        • This brings the version of LIS within NU-WRF up to 6/public6.1 r4090.

        • Change build system to include LIS water points again.

        • Now use landusef and the LIS tiling algorithm to pick dominant land cover.

        • Tweak WPS LANDMASK to reconcile with dominant soil type and land cover.

        • Restored bug fix for writing netCDF output header.

        • Bug fix to read shdmin and shdmax from WPS file.

        • Added routine to fetch MMINLU attribute from WPS file.

        • Restored implementation of WRFout suppforcing plugin.

        • Added WPS shdmax and shdmin plugins. Compiles.

        • Merge LIS 6.1 updates (r3885:4066) into NU-WRF

          This brings the version of LIS within NU-WRF up to 6/public6.1 r4066.

        • Second round of fixes. LIS now runs with WRFout plugin.

        • Added LIS as a separate compile target.

          This code is a bit unsettled -- LIS is built, but I don't know what will happen if both WRF and LIS are requested as targets.

        • Added WRFout plugin to LIS.

  • Update RELEASE_NOTES.txt for LIS 6.2r public release

    Highlight that Cable 1.4b is restricted distribution.

Land Information System (LIS) Public Release 6.2r (r3524:4420)

This is the initial release of the public version of LIS 6.2.

This release includes updates r3524:4420.

  • Includes VIC 4.1.1.
  • Includes CABLE 1.4b --- restricted distribution.
  • Includes Catchment F2.5.
  • Includes Noah 3.3.
  • Includes SiB2.
  • Includes WRSI.
  • Support for North American Mesoscale Forecast System (NAM) "242 AWIPS Grid -- Over Alaska" product.
  • Support for USGS potential evapotranspiration (PET) data (for use in WRSI).
  • Support for Climate Prediction Center's (CPC) Rainfall Estimates version 2 (RFE2) daily precipition (for use in WRSI).
  • Support to apply lapse-rate correction to bottom temperature field (for use in Noah).
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