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LISF Public Release 7.3.0

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This release includes commits through fd5810a6458192138e20357a91ca82c79ed68d10 on branch support/lisf-public-7.3.

Download: LISF_public_release_7.3.0


LDT Users' Guide: pdf
LIS Users' Guide: pdf
LVT Users' Guide: pdf


Release Notes

Release notes

  • Ensure that the USAF processing scripts use Python3
  • Correct typo regarding generating USAFSI filenames


What's new in LDT

  1. Includes new runmodes
    • USAF snow and ice analysis (USAFSI) runmode
    • optimization and uncertainty estimation procecssing runmode
    • LIS Hydro preprocessing runmode
    • climatological restart processing runmode
  2. Supports additional data assimilation observations
    • GLASS LAI observations
    • GRACE QL tws observations
    • Land Parameter Retrieval Model (LPRM) vegetation optical depth observations
    • NASA SMAP vegetation optical depth observations
  3. Supports additional parameters
    • CLM45 parameters
    • glacier parameters
    • JULES 5.0 parameters
    • MERIT1K aspect, slope, and elevation parameters
    • HYMAP flow type, baseflow dwi ratio, and runoff dwi ratio parameters
    • Barlage native max snow albebdo parameter
    • MODIS native PFT landcover data
    • UKMO IGBP PFT landcover data
    • UM ancillary landcover data
    • NLDAS climatological precipitation data
    • UKMO IGBP native PFT landmask data
    • UKMO CAP landmask data
    • ISRIC texture and soil fraction parameter data
  4. Supports GCOMW AMSR2 TB data in artificial neural network processing running mode
  5. Supports ERA5 metforcing data in Metforcing processing running mode

What's new in LIS

  1. Includes new runmodes
    • RTMforward runmode
    • AGRMET ops runmode
    • GCE-coupled runmode
    • landslide optUE runmode
  2. Includes additional surface models
    • NoahMP glacier model
    • template glacier model
    • FLake 1.0 lake model
    • AWRA-L 6.0.0 land model
    • Jules 5.0 land model
    • Noah 3.9 land model
    • NoahMP 4.0.1 model
  3. Includes HYMAP2 router
  4. Includes ESPboot forecasting algorithm
  5. Includes GLS landslide application
  6. Includes TRIGRS landslide application
  7. Includes additional data assimilation algorithms
    • extended Kalman filter algorithm
    • ensrf algorithm
    • particle filter algorithm
  8. Includes additional optimization and uncertainty alogrithms
    • Enumerated Search algorithm
    • Shuffled Complex Evolution - University of Arizona (SCEUA) algorithm
  9. Includes Levenberg-Marquadt (LM) parameter estimation objective function
  10. Supports additional real-time parameters
    • albedo parameters
    • emissivity parameters
    • roughness parameters
  11. Supports additional metforcing datasets
    • AMMA land surface model intercomparision project phase 2 (ALMIPII) metforcing data
    • Australian Water Resource Assessment Landscape (AWRA-L) metforcing data
    • Canadian Precipitation Analysis (CaPA) data
    • FASSTsingle metforcing data
    • downscaled MERRA2 precipitation data over the High Mountain Asia domain from GMU (HiMAT_GMU)
    • Loobos metforcing data
    • arms metforcing data
    • era5 metforcing data
    • gdas3d metforcing data
    • gefs metforcing data
    • mrms metforcing data
    • pptEnsFcst metforcing data
    • usaf metforcing data
  12. Supports additional data assimilation observation datasets
    • simGRACE_JPL observations
    • syntheticSnowTb observations
    • syntheticlst observations
    • syntheticsf observations
    • syntheticsm observations
    • syntheticsnd observations
    • syntheticswe observations
    • syntheticwl observations
    • AMSRE SWE observations
    • AFWA NASA snow algorithm (ANSA) SWE retrievals
    • ASCAT_TUW observations
    • ASO_SWE observations
    • GLASS Albedo observations
    • GLASS LAI observations
    • IMS_sca observations
    • International Satellite Cloud Climatology Project (ISCCP) skin temperature observations
    • MODIS SPoRT LAI observations
    • NASA SMAP vegetation optical depth retrievals
    • SMAP near-real time (NRT) soil moisture observations
    • SMOPS AMSR2 soil moisture observations
    • SMOPS ASCAT soil moisture observations
    • SMOPS SMAP soil moisture observations
    • SMOPS SMOS soil moisture observations
    • SNODEP observations
    • SYN_LBAND_TB observations
    • USAFSI observations
    • WindSat_Cband_sm observations
    • multisynsmobs observations
  13. Supports additional parameter estimation observation datasets
    • Walnut Gulch (WG) PBMR soil moisture observations
    • ARM observations
    • ARSsm observations
    • Ameriflux observations
    • CNRS observations
    • FLUXNET observations
    • Global_LS_data observations
    • ISCCP_Tskin observations
    • ISMNsm observations
    • Macon_LS_data observations
    • SMAP soil moisture observations
    • University of Arizona (UA) swe/snow depth observations
    • USDA ARS soil moisture observations
    • pesynsm1 observations

What's new in LVT

  1. Includes new runmodes
    • 557post runmode
    • USAFSIpost runmode
  2. Includes additional metrics
    • Anomaly Rank Correlation metric
    • Clayton Skill Score (CSS) metric
    • Conditional Entropy metric
    • Detection Failure Ratio (DFR) metric
    • Event Frequency (EF) metric
    • Forecast Frequency (FF) metric
    • Heidke Skill Score (HSS) metric
    • Information Entropy metric
    • Joint Entropy metric
    • K-means metric
    • Mutual Information metric
    • Peirce Skill Score (PSS) metric
    • Reliability metric
    • Resiliance metric
    • Relative Entropy metric
    • Standard Precipitation Index (SPI) metric
    • Triple collocation metric
    • Tian False Alarm Bias (TFB) metric
    • Tian Hit Bias (THB) metric
    • Tian Miss Bias (TMB) metric
    • Trends metric
    • Vulnerability metric
  3. Supports additional data streams
    • TRMM 3B42V7 data stream
    • Atmospheric Land Exchange Inverse (ALEXI) model Evaporative Stress Index (ESI) data stream
    • APHRODITE (Asian Precipitaton - Highly-Resolved Observational Data Integration Towards Evaluation) daily gridded precipitation data stream
    • NASA Airborne Snow Observatory (ASO) snow water equivalent (SWE) data stream
    • CHIRPSv2 data stream
    • ECMWF forcing data stream
    • ERA5 data stream
    • FLUXCOM data stream
    • FLUXNET2015_NC data stream
    • GDAS forcing data stream
    • GLASS albedo data stream
    • GLASS LAI data stream
    • High Asia Reanalysis (HAR) precipitation data stream
    • Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) unified gauge-based analysis of daily precipitation data stream
    • IMERG data stream
    • JULES2Ddata data stream
    • Land Parameter Retrieval Model (LPRM) vegetation optical depth data stream
    • MERRA2 asm data stream
    • MOD10A1V6 fractional snow cover data stream
    • MODIS SPoRT LAI data stream
    • MODSCAG fractional snow cover data stream
    • OCO-2 Solar Induced Fluorescence (SIF) data stream
    • OzFlux data stream
    • Soil Moisture Active Passive (SMAP) L3 Tb data stream
    • Soil Moisture Active Passive (SMAP) vegetation optical depth data stream
    • Soil Moisture Active Passive (SMAP) vegetation water content data stream
    • University of Arizona (UA) SWE/Snow Depth data stream
    • UCLA SWE reanalysis data stream
    • jasmin data stream
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